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Our History

Summer Surf Lessons has been teaching surf lessons for over 15 years. We teach surfers of all ages and all abilities. Our friendly staff knows just how to make your surfing experience a great day!

Whether you've surfed 20 times or this is your first shot, we've got you covered! We have the equipment and the know how to teach surfers or multiple skill levels.

Summer Surf Lessons and it's staff has been teaching surf lessons for over 15 years. We've grown from teaching individual lessons to running small group lessons as they offer a better learning environment and a more relaxed experience.


It's all about having FUN...

Surfing isn't easy and we have several unique teaching methods to help you stand up and start riding waves.

Fun for the whole family! I don't remember that last time my kids, husband and I all enjoyed an activity so much!!!

-- Jessica, Manhattan Beach

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